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Can I Use QuickBooks Online for my Service Company?

If you are a service company owner who has been told that QuickBooks Online won’t work for your service company, you may want to take a second look. There are still quite a few accounting professionals who tend to think of QuickBooks Online in the same way as they view the QuickBooks Desktop software package. To truly understand QuickBooks Online you must understand the idea of SaaS, cloud computing, and app integrations.

So, what is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. QuickBooks Online is designed to be run from the cloud and one of the major benefits of this cloud computing model is the ability for QuickBooks Online to integrate seamlessly with other cloud-based apps. Cloud computing and SaaS programs – “apps” – are really the future of small business management.

Why, you may be asking, does this matter to me in terms of my service business?

Back to our original proposition – if anyone has ever told you that QuickBooks Online just doesn’t have enough features for you to properly manage your service business then you should know that they are right. But, the beauty of app integrations with other cloud-based software is that now you can take your accounting software – QuickBooks Online – and link it directly to your project management software – for instance, mobile scheduling, Invoicing, CRM, and time tracking – and have all of the integrated project management and accounting data be magically imported into QuickBooks Online without having to do any manual data entry from one program to the other.

A Truly Integrated Platform for Service Companies

Think about the ramifications of that for a second. Just a few short years ago the various aspects of running a service company were broken up into various parts – estimating had their software tools, project managers had their software tools and accounting had their software tools. All these various software systems operated independently of one another. So, estimating would work on an estimate (say they put that together in a spreadsheet program.) Now they must communicate that information to the project manager and to accounting – both of whom enter the same data all over again into their respective project management and accounting platforms. As the project progresses, the project manager must communicate with accounting information about project costs, time and materials, what portion of the job is complete, and so on and so forth.

Now, step into the world of cloud computing, and QuickBooks Online. With powerful apps integrated nearly every step of a project – no matter how complicated – can now be managed in one simple tool. Accounting still has the ‘back end’ system of QuickBooks Online for maintaining non-project related items such as payroll and bank reconciliations, but everything pertaining to the projects is now flowing through the one, easy to use system and the accountant never has to do double data entry work to make sense of the numbers because the integrated apps push that information into QuickBooks Online without even having to click a button.

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